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Are you tired of spending money with no success? Is your "Marketing Company" out of touch with the Towing business in general?

Towing Marketers is the leader in helping ONLY Towing Businesses.
We use proven online marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.
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A Omni Precense Services by Towing Marketers offered to towing and junk car buyers

Discover how to boost your sales and expand your company using our Omnipresence Marketing System.

We're the experts that know how to take your Towing business to the next level. There are a lot of so-called "marketing specialists" out there, but they don't understand the towing industry like we do.

Our mission is to assist you become the "go-to" name in your region in the towing business. Boost your company's earnings with proven marketing system.

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What would it mean to be the "Best Known Towing Company" to your perfect customer?

We have been working as digital marketers with Towing, Auto Wrecker and Junk Car buyer for over five years. We have developed a tried and tested marketing system to help your towing company, no matter what stage of business you are in, obtain the "Best Known Towing" status in your area.

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Client Testimonials

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"Hiring Towing Marketers has been one of the finest decisions we've made. Working with the team is a pleasure. Because they only work in Towing Industry, and the results was quick, our traffic increased by 100%, 300%, and 400% month over month for the past three months. Highly suggested."

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"Our company worked with Towing Marketers during the Onboarding call. Their team tried to understand our business, which was great, and their knowledge of our Towing Industry was awesome. Their technical suggestions were incredible and have PROVEN to be VERY successful. I STRONGLY recommend working with Towing Marketers."

We buy cars.

"Towing Marketers helped our company to generate 100s of car leads a week. Highly recommended."

Our Internet Marketing Process for Towing Companies

We've been in the towing marketing business for some time and have developed an exclusive marketing system for towing companies that we've been working on for the last 3 years.

Over time, we've developed a combination of marketing strategies that generate consistent results for our clients. It's a win-win relationship for every towing company that joins.

We've been able to combine our vast internet marketing knowledge with what works and what doesn't. We only work in the towing sector, so we have the data to back it up!

What To Look From A Marketing Agency?

The three fundamental principles that form the basis of what Towing Marketers does for towing, Auto Wrecker and junk car buyers companies are as follows: 

  • Maximize Opportunities
  • Maximize Brand Impressions 
  • Maximize Conversions
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A Omni Precense Services by Towing Marketers offered to towing and junk car buyers

Let's take a look at the strategies we use to help your towing business get more leads than they've ever had before:


Build a Fast Loading Towing Website for Both SEO and Conversions

Websites for Junk Car Buyers
The foundation of Towing Marketers' omnipresence marketing system is your lovely lead converting website, which we will develop. We've tested hundreds and hundreds of towing website formats and designs, and we've discovered a few that stand out above the rest.

Your website will be the jumping off point that we construct your marketing system on, thanks to a slick call to actions on both desktop and mobile, a gorgeous and fast loading design, and specifically tailored content, visuals, and branding for your company.
Your brand will look fantastic, and clients will be drawn to contact you. We've seen it time and time again in our research. And we'll have this up and running for your towing business in less than a month, so you can start earning money right away!
You'll get all of this site's services as a client of Towing Marketers, from design to delivery. Your website will include the following features:

Mobile friendly and responsive design that reformats on any device 
Dozens of pages of well structured written towing content to help your site rank immediately upon launch 
Multi-step high converting forms that push visitors to request more information 
High quality images and videos 
Fast loading hosting and top Google Page Speed scores to ensure you don't lose visitors due to slow speeds 
Completely SEO optimized custom content 
An updated blog with regularly published SEO friendly content


Create a Strategic Pay Per Click Google Ads Program.

Towing Marketers helped scapy to get top of Google ranking page.
We want your brand to be recognized everywhere people look. It's how our tried-and-true system generates so many leads all the time.

That begins with Google Ads and other pay-per-click ad platforms. We'll get your company up and running with campaigns almost immediately, including the keywords you want to appear for on Google in your local area. Display and remarketing advertising ensure that you're appearing on major news sites as well as where your customers go online.
Our tow truck PPC services help people notice your brand and allow them to quickly phone you or provide an estimate request directly to you.
We're able to accomplish this successfully and achieve a good return on investment because:
We work only with Towing, Wrecker, Junk Car Buyer and Towings, so we have a lot of data at our fingertips to assist you in your campaign. 
Our marketing strategies are optimized from the start, so you don't have to wait for your marketing agency to figure out your market and waste thousands of dollars on ads before they realize what works. 
On average, we convert 1 of every 5 clicks to your advertising into a lead, a 20% conversion rate - and for those that don't convert right away, they'll see all other aspects of your business later, making them want to seal the deal.


To rank in Google Maps, utilize local SEO tactics.

The best approach to distinguish yourself from your competitors is to use local SEO tactics to rank in Google Maps. When consumers discover you in Google's top 3 on maps, you'll notice a significant difference in the quality of your leads.

We know Junk Car Buy and towing SEO, and we do it well. Getting your brand to appear in the top 3 on Google Maps for your services is a game-changer, and we usually see that shift within the first 90 days of working with our clients.
Towing Marketers helped scapy to get ranked top position in Google Maps and local business listing.
#1 on Google Maps is a strong position to be in.

For towings, there are two components to organic SEO marketing. On-page optimization is the first: 

Page titles and headers should be optimized for specific Junk car or towing types and geographic locations.
Using junk car removal or towing-related keywords throughout your website for search engines 
Optimizing pictures and video material 
Creating content that demonstrates your expertise in your field
The other part is off-site optimization. Here’s some thing we do to for this:
Off-site optimization is the second portion. Here's something we do to help with this: 
Backlinks from similar towing and local area websites are great for improving the quality of your site's links. 
Mention and citation your company in prominent internet business directories is crucial.
Make your organization stand out among the internet competition.

In the end, you'll be rising to the top of search results more than ever before.

Our towing SEO experts are the best in the business. We stay on top of all of the newest SEO trends, but we keep our testing within our own parameters. Making sure you're receiving the most effective strategies put into place for optimal results.


Use Facebook and Instagram Advertising to keep your Junk car removal and towing business front of consumers who are most likely to need it.

Towing companies may benefit from retargeting advertising, which is a fantastic marketing technique.

Having a social media strategy for your towing marketing campaign might help you in a lot of ways.

There are over a billion active users on Facebook and Instagram is experiencing tremendous growth. You must attract these consumers.

This may be accomplished through Facebook advertising. We can utilize Facebook advertisements to target consumers on social networking sites, deliver offers, branded video clips, and more at the click of a button.

We'll collaborate with you to develop highly tailored advertising that highlight your towing business's brand as a whole in order to establish consumer trust and confidence before they wind up requesting an estimate from you.

We have the following types of advertising campaigns for your company:

Make your organization stand out among the internet competition.
Retargeting Ad Campaigns 
Lead Generation Ads (Top Cash For Junk Car)
towing marketers used omni precense marketing tactics to get 1000s leads per week


Create landing pages that convert well and produce immediate leads.

The most common reason that digital marketing and advertising for towing companies fails is that they don't have landing pages where visitors can land on and convert into leads. Our lead capturing landing pages have been TESTED AND TESTED time and time again until we discovered the most converting ones.

Dedicated towing service pages that are specifically designed to attract attention, encourage potential consumers to take action, and brand your company so that people know they are reaching you when they call or fill out a form.
towing marketers desinged a professional website with10000 pages to dominate competition in quebec. province of canada


Get More Online Reviews

The importance of a business's reputation to a Towing, Auto Wrecker or Junk car buyer on the internet has never been higher. Although customers may offer you evaluations without being asked more often than not, they will need some persuasion.

When consumers look for tow truck companies online, they want to see that the firm has verified and reputable reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other platforms.

We'll provide you with the software tools you need to get more 5-star evaluations than your competitors in a matter of minutes. The following are some of the services provided by our reputation management and review software:

You may give your clients an easy website URL where they can leave a review after completing a work. 
Automatically emails past clients on a regular basis to request feedback straight away. 
Allows you to place the widgets on your website in order to make them more visible.
Towing marketers helped to tow and junk car buyers with preventing and generate positive reviews for business to get ranked on top of Google map.


Increase Your Company's Visibility with Video

Video is the most effective marketing tool.

The one word that must be spoken, and the one you need to hear in order to advance your organization's revenue and development.

If you believe you can survive over the next several years and develop your brand without utilizing video, we'll just wish you luck.

We're all about video at Towing Marketers because it simply works. Simply said, it makes your company's messaging more apparent and authentic for your brand and its personnel. And most importantly, it shows trust.

We help shoot the following types of video ad campaigns:

Brand Awareness video Ads
Lead Generation video Ads
Towing Services video Ads
Retargeting Campaign Video Ads

Call or visit a digital marketing company that understands the towing business.

We go above and beyond to educate each crew member on the ins and outs of the towing market before anything else. Because how can your marketing team be successful if they don't know how you operate? See what we mean when we say to book a chat with us below!


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