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PPC Advertising for Junk Car Buyer: The Ultimate Strategy

Do you want to know how to use pay per click advertising properly to take your junk car buying company to next level online?
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We're well-versed in the towing business. We've been doing PPC for ten years, which is a deadly combination. This article contains all you'll need to optimize your Pay Per Click advertising and generate more leads.

Using Google Ads, you may gain a significant edge over your competition.
Spend less and increase the quality of your leads by converting more people into visitors.
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This article will go through everything we do when setting up an entire PPC strategy for a Junk Car Buyer Company.

Your junk car buying Pay Per Click Advertising approach should be one of the most important things on your to-do list if you want your company to survive for a significant amount of time. More prospective consumers than ever will go to a well-known search engine named Google (ever heard of it?) and look for junk car buyer companies in their neighborhood before calling for assistance.

That is why PPC Advertising is more essential than ever that you are listed at the top of Google's search engine results when vehicle owner conduct their research on local junk car buyer. This article will go through everything we do during a comprehensive SEO & PPC Advertising campaign for a junk car buyer customer.
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Facebook Advertising
PPC for Junk Car Buyer: Are You Putting Paid Online Advertising To Its Full Potential?

A Quick Note for Readers

This article help you with Internet Marketing, pay-per-click or PPC advertising correctly. In this post, we've broken down the towing advertisements process in a very comprehensive way, but for further information read more. 

If you're looking for a junk car PPC advertising company to evaluate your website and develop a new blueprint for your ad strategies, we can help.

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What is (PPC) Pay-Per-Click?

SEO is more of a long-term approach, but it's important to remember that if you have no idea what you're doing, after a short time your business will not succeed. Paid online marketing, such as PPC ads and Google AdWords campaigns, is a good place to start:
Google Ads Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
Bing Ads Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
Facebook/Instagram Campaigns
This can be a quick, efficient PPC Advertising, and successful approach to reach your goals. They are a way to put your business in the best possible light in search results and social media feeds of your target audience with just a click of a button, as well as create a long-term source of leads that you may turn on and off at leisure.

Let’s dive into how they can work for you.
ppc advertising

Successful Pay Per Click (PPC Advertising) Campaigns For Towing Companies

We've spoken with a lot of Towing professionals all over the country about PPC advertising, and many of them have a very negative view of Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords and other PPC platforms. There are two possibilities.

I'm here to tell you that if you do it the right way, pay per click advertising campaigns can be extremely lucrative and provide a huge return on investment.
Scenario 1 is that they've already spent thousands of dollars on Google Ads and received little or no return on investment, essentially wasting money.
Scenario 2 is that they understand how much it costs per click for towing advertising, which can reach $25-50 per click, and just cannot comprehend why they would spend so much money on advertising.

The majority of PPC campaigns fail because company owners miss out on important details.

To convert visitors into leads, you must first learn how the AdWords platform works.
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We get several towing companies that go into AdWords, choose a few keywords, and cram them all into one ad group. They bid either too high or too low, then direct people to their website's home page when they click. This is the incorrect way to accomplish it in so many ways.

Google wants to make sure that any paid listings are relevant to the user who is looking. As a result, the quality of your advertisements and the page on which consumers arrive is all relevant to where you appear in paid listings, as well as your cost per click. If a consumer searches for "junk car removal," your ad won't perform
Doesn’t have the main headline about Junk Car Removal
Doesn’t give them incentive to call now to get their junk car removed
Doesn’t give them a reason to choose your company over others
When visitors click your ad, they should be sent to the same page. It must be relevant.

This is where scenario 1 happens all over again. You're spending extra money on advertising than you need to, and you're getting fewer calls than you should. If the ad and landing page content fails to address the specific question or query that was entered into Google's search bar, they are unlikely to contact you.

So what’s the right way to do this?

The easiest approach to make the most of your pay-per-click advertising budget is to first organize all of the services you want to advertise for. You'll then conduct keyword research and combine each set of service keywords into its own ad group.
E.g. Group all “Junk Car Removal” keywords into one ad group together, all “scrap car” keywords in another ad group
Each ad group should have its own set of ad copy that talks specifically about those services
Each ad group and ad should send the users that click to a targeted and relevant landing page on your website that only gives them information and benefits about those specific services/keywords
By doing so, your Google ad rank will improve, and not just will you save money per click, but you'll also have better conversion rates and more leads!

The Real Benefit of Junk Car Buyer Pay-Per-Click Advertising

So what’s the real benefit of Pay-Per-Click advertising like Google Ads and Bing Ads? There are several huge benefits to using them:


At the click of a button, you may set up entire campaigns in a day, have them live, and be at the top of Google for phrases like "junk car buyer" or "junk car buyer (your city)." SEO may need 6-12 months to accomplish this.


You may narrow down your target audience by focusing on certain locations, demographics, financial criteria, and so forth. Google has data on all aspects of life; you may use this information to advertise to your specific demographic.


People searching for your services who are at the bottom of the sales funnel in the purchase process are seeing advertisements. They're seeking to take action and obtain an estimate or have their junk car removed. You'll get that client through your advertisement.

The Different Pay Per Click Platforms

There are several PPC platforms on the market, but the two most popular are Google Ads (AdWords) and Bing Ads. These are the two we concentrate on and employ in all of our junk car buyer marketing campaigns.

When you create Google Ads campaigns, your advertisements will appear on Google's search network as well as some of their partners if you select.

With Bing Ads, you'll be able to run advertisements on the Bing search engine, as well as Yahoo and other partners.

Which Platform Should You Use?

So, where should you put your money in pay per click advertising? We recommend investing it both on Google's and Bing's platforms.

While Google owns nearly 80% of the search market, Bing is a hidden treasure that not as many businesses promote on and can provide excellent results.

Our objective, however, is to devote 85-90% of our junk car buyer client budgets to Google Ads and the remainder of the budget to Bing Ads.

This gives us a chance to observe how each platform behaves as well as different demographics. Bing's pricing will be significantly less than Google's, that is for sure.

How the Process Works

Let's go through how the Google Ads auction works. There's a lot of incorrect and misunderstood information out there. Many individuals believe that the AdWords auction is exclusively based on cost per click.

They'll tell themselves, "Well, if I just raise my bid a little bit, I'll be in first place and receive more clicks and leads."

However, we must return to Google and the fact that they wish to provide relevant results to their users. Because of this, they are unable to simply give the highest bidder the top spot. That's why they employ a "quality score" to evaluate sponsored advertisements on their platform.

Google makes more money if their advertisers get clicks, therefore in order for that to be more successful, they must serve highly relevant advertising to their clients.

Quality Score

What is a quality score and why should it matter? Google's evaluation of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and PPC advertisements is known as a quality score. It's used to calculate your cost per click (CPC) and ad rank in the ad auction, which is multiplied by your maximum bid. Quality Score is determined by several criteria
Your ad click-through rate or CTR
The relevance of each keyword to the ad group it’s in
Relevance of your ad text
AdWords historical performance
The amount each element is weighted in Google's Quality Score algorithm is a mystery to outsiders, but it's known that click through rate is one of the most essential components. This tells Google that your ad was relevant and really beneficial to people, which is exactly what they want.

Google will usually reward you for it by improving your ad ranking and lowering your overall CPCs. That's why it's critical that your advertisements are relevant and actually attract people's attention!

How Junk Car Buyer Can Get Fantastic ROI with PPC Advertising

How can you be sure that your pay-per-click marketing efforts are providing the most benefit? How can you make the most of your pay-per-click advertising campaign?

The first step I propose is to create ad groups based on various services. As we progress, I'll break down those into smaller parts.

I want you to make a text ad that is relevant and appealing to the phrases or categories of keywords.

Then, for each ad group on a specific page of the website, I want you to acquire traffic that comes through pay-per-click. It should be a highly targeted landing page that even offers value such as products or services to your prospects who are already interested in what you have to offer.

If you do this, you'll be able to improve your quality score and have a lot more success with your AdWords campaign.

Here's how we create and manage PPC campaigns effectively:

Know Your Budget and Your Numbers

The first thing you'll need to figure out before getting started with your PPC campaigns is how much money you want to spend on them each month.

Do you have a list of keywords that are relevant, useful and essential to your business? Having this information in advance will help you decide where your keyword research should be focused.

Even in small cities, we recommend having a $1,000 monthly minimum ad budget for junk car buyer.

A junk car buyer's job is difficult enough without being bogged down by various companies and a multitude of deadlines. You'll never be able to finish your project on time, so you might as well save yourself the hassle. As I mentioned before, this business isn't for everyone because it requires some technical skills that not all people have or are willing

$1000 might not be enough in more populous cities like Houston, Los Angeles, and so on.

When cost per click goes above $30-40 for certain keywords, $1,000 isn't much money and can be gone in less than 30-35 clicks.

In the end, it's all about return on investment. If you spend $1,000 and get one Junk Car Buyer that generates $4,000 in profit, was it worth it? I'd say yes every time; you just increased your investment by fourfold.

Here’s some average figures to go on:
The conversion rate of an Ads campaign we create is approximately ten percent - that means for every 10 clicks to your landing page, one might become a genuine lead. However, the typical is generally lower than this, as we've just perfected Junk Car Buyer advertising after many attempts and errors.
$10-15 per click in smaller groups for the top few positions may be typical, while clicks in bigger cities like Minneapolis, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, and others can cost $25-40 each.

Know Your Sales Numbers

To obtain an idea of what might work for you, you'll need to know your Google Ads sales statistics.

Let's assume you close 3 out of every 10 leads as projects on average. A 30% closing percentage is considered good.

Let's assume you have a monthly advertising budget of $2,000.00. Your typical CPC is $20.

$2,000 / $20 = 100 clicks

So if you spend $2,000 on Facebook ads, you'll get 100 clicks.

After you've determined your average cost per lead and what percentage of leads convert, add those two figures together. For us, the conversion to lead percentage is generally around ten percent.

.10 * 100 = 10 leads.

So if you pay $2,000 for 10 leads, you'll get around $200 in terms of each lead.

So, if you have a closing ratio of 30%, you'll close three of those ten leads into Junk Car Buyer projects.

Let's suppose you make $3,000 profit on every project. 9,000

Congratulations, you just spent $2,000 to earn $9,000. That's a fantastic ROI.
Have you ever wished that your life could be easier?

 Have you ever had a dream about having greater wealth, more time off, or maybe a lower stress level?

Perhaps money isn't the most important thing in your life. 

Maybe it's support from other people who are in similar situations and have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to get out. It

How to Set Up the Perfect Junk Car Buyer AdWords Campaign

Wanna take charge of Google Ads (AdWords)? Here are the critical actions you must complete to set up a campaign that will deliver non-stop leads:

Keyword Research

It's time to figure out the keywords on which you want to compete. There are a variety of methods for finding keywords:
Google Ads Keyword Planner

You may also search for Junk Car Buyer terms on our keyword list we've put up for you.

It's critical to distinguish the services you wish to bid on for advertising and organize them into categories based on similar keywords.

Let's assume we'd like to bid on junk car phrases such as scrap car removal or junk car removal.

I've already located a slew of keywords that would work well together:

  1. General Junk Car Keywords + City: junk car (city), Junk Car removal (city), junk car companies (city), scrap car(city), junk car services (city)
  2. Parting Junk Car Keywords: Parting Junk Car, Selling Cars For Parts, Auto Wrecker companies, Used Car For Parts Services
  3. Cash For Scrap Car Keywords: Cash For Scrap Cars, Cash For Scrap Car Companies,  Scrap Car Free Towing service, Scrap Car Estimate

These are only examples, but you can see how they're all linked together. These will eventually become your ad groups.

Take out a piece of paper or open a spreadsheet and start conducting research based on what you want to be discovered for, then group each set of keywords into its own category.

Negative Keywords
For every element of your advertising, you must conduct research for the keywords you don't want your ads to appear for.

This is one of the #1 reasons why businesses blow through their ad budgets so quickly.

You need to put negative keywords in your ad campaigns.
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This instructs Google that your ad should not display if one of the terms you specified appears in it.

For junk car buyers, there are HUNDREDS of keywords you don’t want ads to show for. ​

For example:
Used parts, battery, bumper, windshield, tires
Jobs, careers, employment, full time, part time
Craigslist, Home Depot
All of your top competitors
You don't want your commercial advertisements to appear for any of these linked keywords since you'll lose money and won't receive leads.

There are a lot of people searching for towing work, and there are several auto wrecker businesses with the word "junk car" in their names.

Make a complete list of things to include in your negative keywords list for your advertising campaigns.

Junk Car Ad Groups & Bidding

For junk car buyer, what ad groups should you set up? You can go a lot deeper on this than you can imagine, but for the sake of this example, I’m going to make it simple.

General junk car services: So they typed in “junk car buyer” or “junk car” “junk car company,” “junk car for cash” etc.

Junk Car services are a great way to reach out to potential customers. There are several junk car terms that may be classified into a general junk car service ad group, then there's geo-modifiers on the junk car terminology. These ad groups would be very city or state specific. They would be comparable to general auto wrecker, but with a city

It’s important to keep these separate from just general terms.

There are also several types of high conversion phrases. When someone need space in driveway and requires assistance right now, they're in a very different frame of mind. They might be searching for things like "junk car removal now," "get rid of junk car today," "24 hour junk car services," or "after-hours junk car removal."

Some of the finest ad groups for your blog are described below, along with how to combine keywords. However, there's one thing you must remember:

Keep Similar Service Keywords together in the Same Ad Group

Types of Keywords to Put into Ad Groups:

In Google Ads, there are several variations of keywords you can use in the ad group:

It’s important to realize the difference.

We almost never use Broad match keywords because there are so many complications and variables that may harm you financially quickly.

We stick to broad, phrase, and exact match modifiers most of the time.

For example, here's what a term from our ad group for "junk car removal Chicago" might look like: 

What is a quality score and why should it matter? Google's evaluation of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and PPC advertisements is known as a quality score. It's used to calculate your cost per click (CPC) and ad rank in the ad auction, which is multiplied by your maximum bid. Quality Score is determined by several criteria
Broad Match
Phrase Match
Exact Match
Auto Wrecker Chicago

The broad match , which appears after a plus sign, indicates that you may show an ad for any search term if those keywords have a plus sign in front of them. They can include adjacent variants of a word, but not synonyms, and they can be in any order.

So if someone typed in “I need a chicago junk car removal” the broad match would show the ad, because the words are all included.
“junk car removal chicago”

Phrase match uses the exact phrase we outline but can include words before or after in the search query. However, everything must be in the same order.

Example: best junk car removal chicago IL — the phrase match keyword would show in our ad group because it contains “junk car removal chicago”
[junk car chicago]

Exact match means exactly that – it will only show for that exact term that you wrote, or very close variations of it, e.g. junk car removal chicago

Our strategy is to put each of these variations of a search phrase in each ad group, exact match should have higher bids that broad match. This allows us to cover each and every keyword related to those terms.

Example of what an ad group with phrase and exact match looks like:

Campaign Settings

It's critical to get your PPC campaign up and running from the beginning. When you first launch a Google Ads campaign, there are a few stages to go through.

Campaign Goal

If you click "New Campaign" on the left-hand side, it will prompt you to create a goal for your campaign. We'll choose "Leads" as the objective of our campaign.

Title Your Campaign

If this campaign is focused on Junk car, we recommend using that name. We generally run separate campaigns for distinct service types, but if it's all about junk car in general, we'll call it junk car.

Campaign Type

After that, we'll look at selecting a campaign type. We usually recommend beginning with a "Search" campaign. These are the primary Google advertising that will appear in Google's primary search results. In more sophisticated phases, we utilize other choices instead of search, but if you want rapid outcomes, search is the way to go.


This is a crucial distinction. If you're offering home or business maintenance services, it's important to know where they'll be performed. This is where you should input information about your service area, whether it's a radius from a city, certain cities, zip codes, and so on. Make sure to be as precise as possible. If you wish


In the networks area, there are three choices. We usually want to start with the "Search Network." There's a check box that says "Include Google search partners," which is automatically selected. We recommend leaving this box unchecked because we've discovered that the search network isn't nearly as successful at conversions. Unchecking the box next to "In


Under location options, Google automatically selects the option that says Target People in, or who show interest in, your target locations.
Even though they have (suggested) next to it, we do not recommend doing this. This indicates that if users in Colorado search for Junk Car Buyer in chicago, they will be able to see your advertisements. In our experience, very few out-of-state visitors are truly going to become viable leads.

You should select “People in your targeted locations”


For your budget, it will inquire about how much money you desire to spend each day. Since the average number of days per month is 30, divide your monthly ad budget by 30. That should be entered in here.


It's entirely up to you whether or not you'll bid on a project. We've always used manual bidding, giving us complete control over the campaign and allowing us to make decisions based on the data we have available. However, if you want things to be more automated, choose maximize conversions or target ROA. These are the most essential campaign settings
Setting Up Your Ads

Setting up your advertisements is simple, although there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. We want our ads to be extremely relevant to the ad group
  2. We want our ads to catch the audience's attention and make them WANT to click

Example of a powerful Ad:

Headline 1: Include your main keyword you’re targeting

Junk Car Buyer Chicago

Headline 2: Include Trust Components, Benefits, or Numbers to encourage clicks

A+ BBB Accredited Company

Display Path: Use your Main Keyword again

/Junk Car Buyer/Chicago

Description 1: Reiterate benefits of your service and include call to action

40 Years Experience. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Get a Free Estimate!

For starters, create two advertisements in each ad group and test out small modifications to headlines in order to determine which one performs better over time.

Ad Extensions

Adding appropriate ad extensions to your ad groups and campaigns is what might make or break a campaign. These will boost your quality score since they increase click through rate. There are several variants of ad extensions to choose from.

Location Extension: We use the Google My Business page extension to really crush ads for our clients. In a nutshell, you're connecting your Google My Business profile to your advertising account. This enables you to include information about your location on your adverts, but more significantly, it allows you to advertise in the 3 Pack of Organic Maps that sits above the #1 ranked

This slot has the appearance of an ad and only shows your review stars, making it a straightforward win-win in terms of gaining people's trust, receiving a lot of calls, and earning a handsome return on investment.
When you first set up your Google My Business page, you'll have to synchronize it with your advertising account.

Call Extension

Another popular one we like to use. Call extensions enable you to include a tracking number in your Map Pack ad and display a phone number below your top advertising. This is an important concept to grasp in order for you to evaluate the success of your advertisements.

Callout Extensions:

Callout extensions allow you to advertise your company's advantages once more - they're succinct statements that emphasize benefits. We utilize phrases such as "Best Industry Warrant," "Family Owned and Operated," 0% financing, and so on to pique people's interest and connect with them.

Sitelink Extensions:

The sitelink extensions are the most common type of extension we employ. These take up the most space in advertisements and may make your ad seem considerably larger than your competition, which is a significant benefit.

Create a list of all the pages on your website that are relevant to the topic. Make sure your sitelinks link to other parts of your website that are relevant to what they're searching for. We often have separate landing pages for various types of towing as well as a Google advertising reviews and about us page solely for this purpose so people can
Conversions & Call Tracking

It's equally vital to set up conversions for your ad campaigns as it is to develop the ads yourself. There's no way to determine which keywords are effective and which aren't if you don't properly set these up. It throws all of marketing out the window.

There are 3 types of conversions we setup:

Type 1

Paid Google Ads Listings

Thank You Page Submissions (add conversion code to the thank you page after people finish)

Type 2

Google Maps Listings

Calls from a Landing Page (People click on an ad and then call the number on your landing page. You may use Google's call monitoring numbers, or you can set them up yourself)

Type 3

Organic Search Listings

In-App Extensions Calls (These are for the phone number that appears in your advertising if individuals call directly rather than clicking on your ad to go to your landing page)
If you’re not tracking all 3 of these, you need to set this up right now!

Landing Pages

You should have separate pages on your site for each ad group in order to achieve this. A page for junk car buyer in (Your City) would be necessary, as well as other various junk car buyer, removal, and metal scrap car removal. Ideally, landing pages should include the following features:
Main Keyword in Top Headline
No Menu - just options to either Call or Submit Contact form, remember we don’t want people browsing around. We want to collect their information!
Advantages of your service below the headline
Relevant Image
Contact form should be as short as possible - Yes we know you want their address and more, but it’s less likely they’ll fill out all that information. We recommend just request Name, Address, and Phone
Make sure they are Mobile-Friendly
Include areas you service below
Include Reviews & Testimonials for junk car buyer
Include Trust Symbols up top like BBB rating, 5 Star Review icons
Remember, you may have fantastic clickthrough rates and performance with your advertisements, but if your landing page is poor and isn't relevant to what the user was searching for, you'll waste a lot of money on advertising that won't produce results!


It's time to let the advertisements do their job once everything is in place. But that doesn't imply you should just sit back and never touch anything. You'll want to spend some time looking at the data in your ad account, determining which ad groups and keywords are working and which aren't.

Look at which advertisements are performing and which aren't. It's a never-ending loop of fine-tuning until you can get our conversion cost as low as possible. From there, you may expand in size.

After you've grown, you may add another $1 to the Ads machine and produce another $5 on the backend.

That’s the power of Pay Per Click advertising.

We have clients that spend over $20,000 every month on advertisements, and others who spend less than $1,000.00 each month. Guess who's making a better profit?

You guessed it. The $20,000.
If you're looking for the best way to put your company's name out there, consider social media advertisements. This could be a good fit if you have time to create and hone your strategy. To scale in advertisements, you must invest money to make money!

Facebook Advertising

We've gone over SEO for junk car buyer, website optimization, PPC, and Retargeting in this chapter. These are the four cornerstones of our standard junk car buyer marketing system since they focus on people who are ready to sell immediately. They are vehicle owners who need immediate assistance with their junk car.

However, there is another type of lead that doesn't quite fall at the bottom of the sales funnel. These are individuals who might be a good fit for your target market, but who haven't yet decided to have their car recycled...yet. This is where Facebook and Instagram advertising come in useful.
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PPC For Junk Car Buyer:
Are You Using Paid Online Advertising To Your Advantage?

A good junk car buyer PPC campaign may improve internet traffic and growth for your towing business, all from the comfort of your own home! It can aid in ensuring that your brand is prominent in your local market and provide customers with confidence to contact you. Higher ranks equal more visitors equals more clients for you.
A successful PPC marketing campaign takes time and patience to get just right, but the final product is always worth it. Towing Marketers not only has skilled PPC Managers working on your campaigns; we also know the Towing business inside and out. Wouldn't you want someone who understands how your rivals operate in order to handle your search engine

How can I use "if functions" to target different messages to clients?

Using "if functions" is a great way to target clients with different messages based on their device. For instance, you can create an advertisement that displays a message like "we are one call away" when users are browsing on their mobile devices. On the other hand, if the same ad is being viewed on tablets or desktops, you can customize the message to say "get a free quote online". By using "if functions" in this way, you can tailor the content of your ads to suit the device being used by each client, ultimately enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

What steps should I follow to create an effective PPC account for my towing business?

How can competitors get ahead in the growing market of towing services?
Competitors can get ahead in the growing market of towing services by leveraging PPC advertising. By effectively targeting keywords, creating compelling ads, and optimizing landing pages, competitors can attract more potential customers and gain a competitive advantage. PPC allows businesses to reach a wider audience, increase brand visibility, and generate leads, which can ultimately lead to more conversions and business growth.

What is the potential consequence of waiting too long to jump on the PPC wagon?
If you wait too long to jump on the PPC wagon, you risk letting your competitors get ahead of you in the growing market of towing services. As more businesses adopt PPC advertising, the competition for relevant keywords and ad placements increases. By delaying your entry into PPC, you may find it more challenging to achieve a competitive edge and capture a significant share of the market.

What steps should be followed to create the right PPC account for a towing business?
To create the right PPC account for a towing business, you should start by conducting keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords in the towing industry. Then, set up separate ad groups for different types of towing services. Next, create compelling ad copy that highlights the unique selling points of your business. Finally, optimize your landing pages to ensure they are relevant, user-friendly, and encourage conversions.

Why is PPC the right choice for getting an effective return on investment for a towing business?
PPC is the right choice for a towing business because it allows you to target specific keywords and display your ads to potential customers who are actively searching for towing services. This targeted approach increases the chances of getting conversions and a positive return on investment.

Call or visit a digital marketing company that understands the towing business.

We go above and beyond to educate each crew member on the ins and outs of the towing market before anything else. Because how can your marketing team be successful if they don't know how you operate? See what we mean when we say to book a chat with us below!



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