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We clean your website and protect it from hackers, malware and other cyber threats.

Wether you got hacked or simply want prevention, we'll get you on the right track

Scan Website & Remove Malware

Securing Process

Preserve Brand Reputation
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We protect your site from
cyber threats

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Malware & hacks

Hackers send malicious software to your system; these come in form of virus, trojans, spyware or ransomware.

Cross–site scripting

Commonly known as XXS, this attack involves injecting a malicious script into a vulnerable web application for the purpose of running on the end user’s device.

DDoS attack 

A Distributed Denial of Service attack shuts down your website by overwhelming it with a flood of fake internet traffic.

Brute force attacks

With an automated tool, the hacker tries all the different combinations of usernames and passwords until they find the correct one.


An untrusted input is supplied to a program which gets processed by an interpreter as part of a command or query and ultimately alters the execution of that program.

Zero-day exploit

This happens when the hacker attacks the very moment a vulnerability is found and before a fix is available from the developer. 

We secure Wordpress sites
using advanced and trusted technology

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Web Application Firewall prevention (WAF)

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Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

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Virtual Patching and Hardening

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Protected Pages

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Application Profiling

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Bad Bot Blocking

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Machine Learning

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IP Whitelisting

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Signature Detection

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Content Delivery Network


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We are paranoid experts. We constantly study security breaches and organize the latest security solutions.

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